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The Lowell Center developed eight big goals to tackle issues that will make a major impact towards assuring future generations the just and sustainable life they deserve.

We are not alone in solving these problems. We recognize that the hard work of our collaborators and many other organizations at the state, national, and international levels is crucial for reinventing the way we produce and consume goods and services.

Goal 1
Enact a comprehensive chemicals policy law in the United States that protects human health and the environment.

Goal 2
Eliminate known cancer- and asthma-causing chemicals in manufacturing and commerce as part of a larger effort to reduce all diseases linked to toxic exposures.

Goal 3
Ensure that sustainable biobased materials make up at least one fifth of the global chemical market and that infrastructure is in place for appropriate reuse, composting, and recycling.

Goal 4
Integrate sustainability principles into product design, production, and practice in at least one- third of US firms.

Goal 5
Ensure that one-third of products readily found in stores are environmentally sound and affordable.

Goal 6
Double healthcare resources devoted to eliminating environmental hazards that cause chronic diseases.

Goal 7
Implement sustainable healthcare programs in at least half of US healthcare facilities.

Goal 8
Re-orient federal research funding on environment and health to emphasize the search for sustainable solutions to the global environmental crisis.