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In the wake of product recalls, safety scares, and scientific studies linking toxic chemicals to negative health effects, consumers are demanding safer, healthier and greener products from companies and more action from government.

We invite businesses, consumers, and others interested in sustainable products to look over the information and resources on this web site. We also encourage you to learn about the following projects of the Lowell Center and its sister organization, the Toxics Use Reduction Institute:

What is a Sustainable Product?

For a product to be truly sustainable, it needs to be healthy for consumers, safe for workers who make the product, and not harmful to the ecosystems and communities that interact the product throughout its life cycle.

Sustainable products:
• Minimize environmental and social costs throughout the product life cycle
• Maximize environmental and social benefits to communities
• Remain economically viable

photoA New Way of Thinking: The Lowell Center Framework for Sustainable Products provides guidance for evaluating the environmental, social and economic impacts of existing products and to design new products.