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The long-term goal of Lowell Center projects and affiliates is to redefine environmentalism and occupational health and safety while also demonstrating how these concepts are compatible with new systems of production and consumption that are healthy for workers, environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially accountable.

Through its solutions-oriented and collaborative research projects, the Lowell Center has become an internationally recognized resource for developing and piloting the concepts of sustainable production and consumption.

Chemicals Policy and Science Initiative

The Chemicals Policy and Science Initiative develops scientific tools, strategies, and concepts that promote more precautionary and comprehensive chemicals policies.

Clean Tech Project

The Clean Tech Project seeks to identify specific opportunities and benefits to making Massachusetts a leader in clean technologies that serve the world, and to recommend a path to get there.

Environmental Health Program

The Environmental Health Program develops strategies and policies to prevent exposures and reverse rates of chronic disease.

Environmental Management Systems

The EMS Service Program helps public entities improve and sustain environmental performance

Safe Home Care Project

The Safe Home Care Project seeks to improve safety and health in home care through investigation of the challenges, hazards, and promising practices in delivery of increasingly complex care in homes; identification of effective, preventive interventions; and development and distribution of educational materials for home-care workers, agencies, and other beneficiaries.

Sustainability Action Summer Institute

The Sustainability Action Summer Institute trains participants in concepts, tools, and skills needed for promoting more sustainable forms of production and consumption.

Sustainable Children’s Products Initiative

The Sustainable Children's Products Initiative promotes the sustainable design of children's products through engaging stakeholders and providing information on safer, healthier, and greener products.

Sustainable Hospitals Program

The Sustainable Hospitals Program helps healthcare providers identify safer materials and practices that are favorable for the environment, workers, and patients.

Sustainable Products Project

The Sustainable Products Project promotes the sustainable design and development of safer, healthier, and greener products.