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Sustainable Production and Consumption

"A Survey of Environmental, Health and Safety Risk Management Information Needs and Practices among Nanotechnology Firms in the Massachusetts Region." John Lindberg and Margaret Quinn, University of Massachusetts Lowell for the Project on Emerging Technologies, December 2007.

Catalyzing Sustainable Consumption at the Local Level: Examples from Massachusetts. Paper published in the Proceedings of the 8th European Roundtable on Cleaner Production. Cork, Ireland: ERCP. October 2002.
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Approaches to Sustainable Production Book, Published in 2001, University of Massachusetts Press.

Sustainable Production and Consumption: Making the Connection (Instructor’s Manual with Participant Materials). Published as a module of the Training Programme for Capacity Building in National Cleaner Production Centres (UNEP Project CP/4020-00-75-2201). Paris: The United Nations Environment Programme. September 2002.
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Building Synergy for Sustainable Consumption: The Development of a North American Sustainable Consumption Alliance. Waiting for Delivery: A Civil Society Assessment of Progress Toward Sustainable Production and Consumption (A SPAC Watch Report). Rockville, MD: Integrative Strategies Forum. July 2002.
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Proceedings from the Inaugural Meeting of the North American Sustainable Consumption Alliance Planning Group. Lowell Center for Sustainable Production. October 2001.
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Proceedings from the Second Meeting of the North American Sustainable Consumption Alliance Planning Group.  Sarnia, Ontario: The Canadian Centre for Pollution Prevention. June 2002.
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Encouraging Reductions in Households’ Use of Toxic Products Through Local Partnerships: Lessons for Sustainable Consumption Initiatives. Paper presented at the Workshop on Information and Consumer Decision-Making for Sustainable Consumption, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Paris, January 16–17, 2001. Paris: OECD. March 2002.
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Programs for Promoting Sustainable Consumption in the United States. Methods/Policy Report No. 19. Toxics Use Reduction Institute. December 1999.
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